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Federal law requires that properties are assessed for historic preservation when they are turned over.  In 1998 Sand Point Historic District was established by the City and qualified for federal listing.  This is a legal status and brings it under the state preservation control.  Federal listing however did not occur until 2010 when brought forward by the City of Seattle to help the developers of Arena Sports and Building 11 LLC with funding, as Naval Air Station Seattle.

Federal listing sets rules for redevelopment under the Department of Interior and qualifies the developer for federal tax relief providing upfront funds. Local listing which occurred with our help in 2011, as Sand Point Naval Air Station Landmark District, brings the district under the City of Seattle preservation laws and pubic meetings process under Department of Neighborhoods staff and the Landmarks Preservation board if significant changes are proposed to the exterior of the building and interior listed elements.  Local listing also includes the landscape, building color, and view corridors.

Sand Point Naval Air Station Landmark District

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2018 map of Warren G. Magnuson, 350 acre Park,

including 90 acre Historic District (pdf)

2007 NAS Puget Sound Historic District Map revised June, 2010