"It was really comforting to land here in Sand Point and meet all the Filipino Navy workers both in the Commissary and doing other things, it was just nice to hear "Kumain ka na" - Come and eat"


Sand Point Remembered is an ongoing oral history program of Friends of Magnuson Park.

Since 2013, we have had the pleasure of interviewing dozens of people with distinct memories of time spent at Sand Point Naval Air Station. Their stories span 60 years, from 1934 to 1993. See the full collection on youtube by clicking the video above.

In 2021, we focused primarily on the experiences of Filipino American service members and families. Please check back for access to these interviews, which are still being processed.

The Sand Point Remembered project was supported by a grant from Seattle Department of Neighborhoods.

Imgs: 2021 Sand Point Remembered Interviewees Pio DeCano, Cynthia Mejia Giudici and Thelma Sevilla

"As kids we came and used all the facilities: the commissary, the movie theater, the PX, we went swimming...every Sunday after mass we would come to the restaurant. We came for Christmas parties and Thanksgiving dinner. And the airshows were just marvelous."


Friends is assembling oral histories, video and photographic collections that help tell the story of Sand Point for future generations, so many of which are locked away in private collections across the Pacific Northwest.

Do you or someone you know have a story or collection that ought to be preserved? Message us or contribute directly to the growing Friends of Magnuson Park collection below. Our staff will be in touch following your submission.