Memorial Day Tribute

The Puyallup are inland cousins to the Duwamish who lived at Sand Point.  Native Americans have a “warrior tradition” celebrating their members who have served our country when they return home.  Every reservation I have visited has a Wall of Honor for Gold Star Mothers and Native Americans have the highest proportion of their people who served even though they were exempt for duty.   Thank you to all veterans and our Native American brothers and sisters who served. 

Lynn Ferguson, President Friends

Current Projects


It is with great pleasure that Friends of Sand Point Magnuson Park announce their intent to again award $5,000 to a graduating senior who has been a resident of Magnuson park for at least six months during this school year. The scholarship check will be awarded June 30th 2020 for use for academic or vocational expenses beyond high school.


WWll Plane Artifact Found

Sand Point Plane artifact identified as Lockheed PV-2 Harpoon – 

Last summer when a young sailing instructor pulled up his anchor in Pontiac Bay he had a small piece of history attached.  He knew he had something special and took it home where it stayed over the summer in his garage.  His mother realized it might be part of NAS Seattle’s history and called Sail Sandpoint on the former base who called Friends as keepers of the site history.  We called City and State historic preservationists and the Navy even at the National level got involved in trying to solve the puzzle.  Local divers helped too.

Diagram of Plane Part found in Lake Washington



Mess Hall Large Mural

We wanted to share this mural with you courtesy of the PBY Museum.  The mural was given to the museum by the children of the artist.  When Sand Point Naval Air Station was decommissioned, the mural was cut down from a wall in the mess hall.  It’s detail and time frame make it unique to the base history.  Building 27, the Seaplane Hangar, in the mural is now Arena Sports.  The ramp the PBY planes were hauled up out of Pontiac Bay is still visible near the NOAA fence and is a contributing structure in the historic district as is the Seaplane Hangar.  At some point in the future it may be possible to have the mural at Sand Point.  Unfortunately is in need of repair and the estimates we have are close to $75,000.  Friends is committed to helping raise funds for the renovation.  It is an amazing depiction of the base during WWII.  If you have questions contact:

      John Hughes
      Accessions Lead
      PBY Naval Air Museum
      Oak Harbor, WA and on Facebook.

Two Artists Celebrate Sand Point Aviation History

Friends has been saddened these last 20 years that there is still so little visual recognition of the important aviation and military history of Sand Point. This year we will have two artists working to celebrate this aviation history

Model Airplane Exhibit

This summer, one of our board members, Bob Lucas, will donate to Friends part of his large lifetime collection of model airplanes. Bob has researched and will have on display every plane that flew in or out of Sand Point. The display will be in a corner of the newly remodeled Brig and join our current displays honoring a member of the Seabees who served at Sand Point in the 1960’s and a PBY pilot who was stationed at Sand Point in WWll. 

Visitors Interpretive Center, Old Gas Station

Friends has been hoping to have Parks designate a building for a Visitor’s Interpretative Center for 20 years.  It has always been a recognized need since being turned over by the Navy in 1998.  The original document identified the Old Gas Station, Building 41, as an ideal central location across from the Park office. We agree. It would be open on weekends when park staff are mostly gone and buildings with public restrooms closed.  A visitor could stop to get a map, information, a cup of coffee, see a video about the park, take a nature, art or history walk or just relax.  The recent increase in park use and special events on the weekends adds to the need.  Friends would partner with Parks and any group within the park that would like to help raise funds for the renovation.  We are currently watching while the Parks and the Tennis Center who currently hold the building in their lease, negotiate its release for public use.  We plan to help with its security this summer with an art project celebrating the history of aviation on wood panels and securing the windows.