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Sand Point Naval Air Station Historic District

Designated as Seattle's eighth Landmark District in 2011, this 89-acre landmark district includes 42 historic contributing resources including aircraft hangars, administration and office buildings, a steam plant, firehouse and several housing buildings.

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Friends of Sand Point Magnuson Park

Formed in 2008 to protect the historic buildings of the former Naval Air Station, Friends successfully advocated for federal, state and local landmark designations for the Historic District. Today, we offers historic tours, presentations, exhibitions and public programs as well as academic scholarships for Magnuson Park resident youth.

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Commemorating the First Around the World Flight Centennial in 2024

In 1924, four Douglas Cruiser airplanes flown by United States Army Air Service pilots took off from Sand Point Airfield (now Magnuson Park) on an epic air race around the world. After a 175-day journey that included the first crossing of the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans by air, the fliers landed back at Sand Point greeted by 50,000 Seattleites.

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