For 20 years, Friends of Magnuson Park, a plucky non-profit made up of Park enthusiasts and historians, has focused its efforts on historic preservation.

Friends of Magnuson Park (formerly Friends of Naval Air Station Seattle Historic District) formed in 2002 when changes were proposed to the historic district overlay at the former Sand Point Naval Air Station that would allow for demolition of historic buildings for redevelopment.

At the time, most neighbors did not realize that the historic district was not protected under the Seattle Landmarks Preservation Ordinance. Friends, representing neighborhood and Navy interests, grew and merged with Friends of Magnuson Park to work on common goals of preservation, celebration and reuse of the historic base.

Friends successfully fought and advocated for the listing of Naval Air Station Seattle in the National Register of Historic Places (2009) and Washington Heritage Register (2010). Galvanized by the federal and state register listings, Friends led by Lynn Ferguson, took the next step and submitted a landmark district nomination to the Seattle Landmarks Preservation Board in 2010. This was a major effort for a grassroots, all-volunteer organization to undertake and we were successful. The designation process was completed in March 2011 when the Board voted to designate the former Sand Point Naval Air Station as a Landmark District, the first historic district in Seattle in twenty-three years.

- Sourced from a 2011 Historic Seattle Community Advocacy Award write up on Friends

Today, we continue our efforts to preserve the history of Sand Point from pre-contact indigenous uses of the shoreline through its development as an airfield and military base to today. These stories we share through exhibits, tours and public programs with the belief that knowing our history is the best way to create advocates for the Historic District's long-term preservation.


Ken Sparks, President

Lynn Ferguson, Vice President

Joseph Diehl, Treasurer

Pat Hooks-Bass, Secretary

Jorgen Bader, Judge Advocate


Nicolette Bromberg

Frank Cunningham

Larry Duckert

Ruth Fruland

Larry Gill

Frank Goodell

Dianne Hofbeck

Bob Lucas

Cynthia Mejia Giudici

Peggy Printz

Carl Sargent


Friends of Magnuson Park was formed to:

Educate the public on the importance of this site to aviation and military history

Advocate for and protect the site as a recognized federal, state and local historic district

Inspire a lifelong interest in its social and technological developments


  • Protect historic buildings and grounds of Sand Point Naval Air Station Historic District

  • Continue to collect oral histories

  • Advocate for historic signage and design standards

  • Provide tours and education

  • Encourage recognition and participation of veterans and their service including priority for on-site housing

  • Inspire success for Park residents, specifically our youth 


Friends of Magnuson Park was incorporated on August
20, 2002 and approved as a 501c3 on March 26,2007. Naval Air State Seattle was listed on the Washington Heritage Register of Historic Places on November 5, 2009 and the National Register of Historic Places on July 2, 2010. The City of Seattle Landmarks Preservation Board approved Sand Point Naval Air Station Landmark District as Seattle’s 8th historic district on March 16, 2011.